Primal Flexibility

Primal Flexibility for Recovery

Everyone absolutely loves the feeling of finishing a hard workout, but no one enjoys dealing with the soreness the day after! With the Primal Stretching System I have distilled the most effective movements from sports stretching programs and several Yoga systems to give you a simple, effective, full-body stretching routine that will minimize soreness and give you the most extreme flexibility of your life! The key is the focus, anyone who stretches while focusing on the soft tissues of the body, such as muscle groups, are doomed to failure. You must learn to train your nervous system! I normally charge $75 an hour or more to run my clients through this stretching routine but as part of the Primal Training program I am going to include it for only $17.99! I’ve been told countless times this is way too low for such knowledge so download Primal Flexibility for Recovery now before I come to my senses!

  74.99 Per Hour


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